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The roads in the municipal area are in a bad condition. The floods of 2000 have aggravated this situation. The Municipality has constrains in terms of resources, both human and technical. This hampers the Municipality from regravelling and upgrading the existing access roads. The municipality has to ensure that there is sustainable economic development and therefore it is important for the Municipality to ensure that roads that are of economic benefit should be given proper attention

The Senwabarwana to Eldorado road via Windhoek village is one of the most important potential economic active roads that need tarring. The Senwabarwana to Indermark road is also of a huge economic value and therefore automatically qualifies for tarring. The road will ensure easy access and connectivity of Blouberg settlements to the main hub-Senwabarwana. The Schiermoonikoog road (Road D1589), which is been tarred for 24km is of an economic value and has a large volume of vehicles. It needs further tarring to link it to the Eldorado growth point. There is also a need to prioritize the tarring of the road to the Blouberg Health centre

The other road that needs to be considered for tarring is the one that links the Schiermoonikoog road to Alldays town. The people of Blouberg depend on taxis for public transport. There is also a shortage of public bus services. This problem affects a number of commuters, as they have no choice but to pay the ever-increasing taxi prices. It is important that the discontinued bus routes be revived for the benefit of the commuters.

There are no shelters at various taxi ranks and bus stops. There is also a critical need to have a commuters association to deal with issues of public transport. Roads and transport forum is in place.

Most of the people in Blouberg do not have access to public telephones. In areas where they have been installed they are dysfunctional. Telephones that are connected to dwellings are only found in areas like Indermark, Alldays and Senwabarwana. 95% of the settlements in Blouberg do not have telephones connected to dwellings. A large number of people have access to mobile phones. There is however a serious problem with the three network operators (Cell C, Vodacom and MTN) as their coverage is not sufficient.

There is a dire need for additional post offices and postal agencies. The entire Municipal area does not have a community radio station and a publication that keep the local people informed. Blouberg Municipality also lags behind in terms of access to telecentres. There is a need for the establishment of telecentres in areas like Senwabarwana and Alldays. Additional telecentres are also needed at nodal points to increase additional access to ICT and to bridge the digital divide with a particular focus on rural communities.