According to Statistics SA (census 2001) the total population of Blouberg is estimated at 161 322. The population is represented in the following table.

Persons 2001 1996
African 160609 149961
Coloured 95 73
Indian 59 15
White 559 493
Total Population 161322 151223

A large percentage of the population is still under 21 years of age. This will me a lot of social spending. The said number of people will pose an economic challenge to the Municipality, as jobs will have to be created to absorb the ever-increasing number of entrants to the job market. The youth represents quite a substantial number of the unemployed and that means a very high dependency ratio. A large section of the population is found in Mamadi, Makgato, My Darling and the R293 Towns like Indermark, Marobjane, Machaba and Senwabarwana.

Poverty levels at Blouberg are very high. This brings with it a number of social factors. A large number of households survive with an annual income that is under R18 000-00. One of the biggest problems is the migrant labour system. In the past women headed a substantial number of households as men had to go and make a living elsewhere, particularly in Gauteng. The trend nowadays is for households to be headed by children, as women also tend to go after their husbands. This has had a negative social impact on the lives of the children as they have to grapple with independence and the effects of the moral decay prevalent today.