Blouberg Embarks on 2015/2016 Draft Idp/Budget Public Participation Programme

The municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 requires all municipalities to develop a five year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and review them annually.

The revision of the IDP marks another step in the on-going quest for continuous improvement and the provision of a better life for all in line with the principles and imperatives of the National Development Plan (NDP).

“The IDP review process (2015/2016) is built upon past work, our experience in governing the Blouberg Municipality, as well as the needs and advices of the community as derived from regular interactions with our constituencies through our stakeholders outreach programme and other mechanisms of engaging with them in terms of the approved communications strategy” Mayor Serite Sekgoloane.

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A participatory municipality that turns prevailing challenges into opportunities for growth and development through optimal utilization of available resources.


To ensure the delivery of quality services through community participation and the creation of an enabling environment for economic growth and job creation